Best Betting Sites

If you are already tired of monotonous slots, we highly recommend you to try something new. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to participate in the activity, which suits all sports lovers – betting! The kind of sports presented at the clubs are quite varied – for instance if you are a horse racing or football lover, you can easily find where to bet on them. Choose any sports you enjoy, select a future match and diversify your time-spending.

UK Selection of Best Sports Betting Sites

On this page you can find a great number of betting clubs, which give the opportunity to place a bet and become a winner depending on the outcome of a match. We have thoroughly examined all of them to make sure that each is worth attention. So, our top betting sites UK list is the following:

  •   BritainBet;
  •   BetNeptune;
  •   PokerStars Casino;
  •   BetBull;
  •   BazingaBet;
  •   2kBet;
  •   SpaceCasino Sports;
  •   Interbet among others.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Online Betting

If you want to place a bet on any match, you should first of all evaluate all pros and cons. We tried to gather all the most important aspects that should be considered when selecting online betting sites.


Placing bets on sports has been becoming increasingly popular during the last several years. This activity has a lot of undeniable benefits, which attract players all over the world. Some of them are:

  •   Watching a match of a favourite team is much more interesting and flurry if you make even the smallest odds. It is a great possibility to feel an incredible adrenaline rush without attending a casino.
  •   Betting sites can become a great source of additional income.
  •   Since this activity is not only about luck, you can invent a strategy and win really big.
  •   There is a wide range of sports types which you can bet on.
  •   It is easy to start placing bets – you just need to spend several minutes registering and you are ready to play!


Although the list of positive features is quite wide, we couldn’t pass by the negative sides, which should also be noted.

  •   Betting can sometimes give a false feeling of control, which can lead to a loss of money.
  •   You cannot predict the outcome of the match and be 100% sure. It is important to plan your investments and not to deposit more than you are theoretically ready to lose.

Generous Bonus Betting Offers 2021 Provided to Customers

Online clubs keep up with the modern casinos by providing awesome bonuses to their customers. If you want to win more while playing at the expense of a site, this information might be very useful for you.

So, the most popular betting promotions that you can face are the following:

  •   First and foremost is the welcome bonus. It varies from one club to another, but its sense is usually the same: right after the first replenishment on your account you get its multiplication or just some additional cash for betting. You can use this money to make a bet and get the chance to win even more.
  •   No deposit bonus is quite rare. It implies that you can get a reward from a club even without depositing a cent. It is a great opportunity to try the membership of the betting site and decide whether you would like to continue playing in it.
  •   Loyalty programs are as a rule provided for some regular players who have been the members of a gaming club for a long time. Some additional bonuses and offers are usually available for this category of clients.

When you start betting in one or another club and claim betting offers, make sure to check all the conditions and rules concerning the offer usage. Be very attentive to be aware of all the possible pitfalls in advance.

How to Start Your Betting Experience?

The first step is to select a reliable site, which suits you concerning all parameters. Check all the conditions and rules and do not forget to look through the list of actual bonuses. If you have some free time, do not forget to read the honest users’ reviews about the betting sites UK.

If you have thoroughly explored everything, then you are ready to begin! Pass a simple registration procedure and choose the sport you would like to bet on. After that, make odds and relax while enjoying matches, which will bring you the chance to hit a jackpot!

Mobile Betting in the UK

The great advantage of modern online sports betting is that you can place odds even from the smallest screens. It is not difficult and very convenient. You can simply enter the betting site from your mobile device and enjoy your gambling experience.

Moreover, nowadays a lot of clubs offer the option of downloading their betting apps, which usually work on all devices. It is becoming more and more popular, so you can find a lot of interesting applications both for iOS and Android. Some extra promos are provided specially for mobile app users, so such playing can give even more benefits.


  • Are online betting sites really profitable?

Yes, many people even make it a main source of income. Make sure to find a reliable club to play at and win real money!

  • Is betting online secure?

It can be considered one of the safest activities in the UK. Betting is appropriately regulated by the government. Moreover, all your personal information is encrypted by special technologies, which guarantees that it will never be passed to third parties.

  • Should I pay any taxes in case I win?

You shouldn’t. Winnings from betting sites UK are not considered to be taxable income.

  • Can I cancel my bet?

It is a controversial issue since it fully depends on the gambling site and the situation in which you want to cancel the bet. Of course, the main thing you should do is to contact customer support and explain the problem.