Video poker in the United Kingdom

Video poker is popular because it has much better odds than the rest of the casino. Players are convinced that video poker can be more lucrative than slot machines and other forms of entertainment.  That’s because here you have a much more chance of getting the big jackpots 2021. But to win, you should not forget about building strategies, because the biggest mistake is when a visitor without any experience starts diving straight into the game without understanding the structure and the rules. A lot depends on your luck, though!

Handheld video poker of the UK

You can easily take the game with you wherever you go thanks to the fact that the online video poker is available for mobile devices, tablets, and for pc. You can play the gambling app without any downloads on your browser. You can install the video poker online free on your smartphone, and if you have an adrenaline rush, you can also play for real money.

Game process

There’s nothing difficult about learning to video poker play, as it’s a single game where you’re not constantly thinking about the dealer‘s hands. You will be faced with a choice of different games. The only distinction between them is the payouts tables. You should use this component to further payout each combination of cards.

The game is divided into several stages:

  • Place your bet by adjusting the face value and coins;
  • Get your five cards face up;
  • Keep between 0 to 5 cards;
  • Get your replacement cards;
  • You receive your payout according to the table.

Tips to help you

Always compare the payout tables on different sources before choosing a suitable return;

While you are a beginner, use video poker free games to gain experience;

Become familiar with a variety of strategies;

Bet according to your budget only so as not to drain your bankroll.


How is video poker different from live dealer poker?

Video poker is a real game for money in which a lot depends solely on your hand. In live poker dealer places the cards, and then you place your bets against the players.

How safe is video poker online in the UK?

Online video poker is perfectly safe as long as you play on a site with a well-proven track record. The pages we have listed are licensed and fully regulated by the Gambling Commission.

Do video poker machines produce random combinations?

These results are regulated by a random number generator, which is scrutinized by the developers on an ongoing basis.

What types of video poker are popular?

Many websites present you with a big number of video poker types, such as jacks, deuces wild, joker poker, and others. You have the opportunity to choose the game that suits you best.